What are Malas?

A Mala is a strand of beads, similar to beads of a Rosary, traditionally used for counting during mantra meditations. Mala beads can help you to work on your breathing and anything that you’re trying to work through emotionally.

Malas are typically made with 108 beads, however, they can be made with 54 beads, 27 beads, and 18 beads.

There are many different theories as to why the 108, and truthfully, if one of the stories or theories resonates with you, then trust that to be of truth for you and your Mala.

Here are just a few of these theories:

  • Within the Saksrit alphabet there are 54 letters. Each letter has a feminine and masculine version — totaling 108.
  • It has been said that there are 108 energy lines that connect to the heart, with one of them believed to be the path to self-realization.
  • The possibility of reaching enlightenment while in deep meditation will take only 108 breaths a day
  • It is said,  1 stands for God or higher Truth, 0 stands for emptiness or completeness in spiritual practice, and 8 stands for infinity or eternity.
  • Some say there are 108 feelings, with 36 related to the past, 36 related to the present, and 36 related to the future.

It is the last point that has inspired Tassion 108 Malas for each one is divided into 3 parts. Past, present and future. It is our belief that when you start your meditation you do so by giving gratitude to your Guru bead first and foremost, it is important that you do not start your mantra on that bead.

When you start your mantra you’ll come to a marker bead. This marker bead is used to help you reflect on what you can let go so that you can start to manifest your intention. The second half is a representation of your present, this section has the longest amount of beads to count as this is where your current situation lies, in the present moment. When you get to your second marker bead, you again pause to reflect what actions you can start to make in your present to manifest your intention. Then once you get to your Guru bead you give thanks and trust that the intention setting and the belief of your mantra will help you to manifest your desire.

If you put in the work, magic will happen. The Universe will provide. 

You’ll also notice on traditional 108 Malas that there are knots tied in between each bead. It has been said that the meaning or the symbolism of this is to signify that each train of thought is tied together as a stream of collective consciousness. There is also a practical reason why there are knots too, if your Mala were to ever break, and they do, you don’t want your beads to go rolling all over the place. We have been there and done that and we can tell you, it’s not fun.

Most Malas will also have a tassel. This tassel is symbolic of 1000 lotus petals and is a representation of pure love and pure light.

Your Mala beads act as a beautiful counter for you so that you can stay on track when doing your meditation. If your mind begins to wander, and we’re sure that it will, jump back and focus on your beads as they will help you to stay focused by staying present mentally and physically.

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