Icassphoto’ve had the extreme pleasure of knowing Tasha in both a professional and personal manner for six+ years. Professionally, she’s one of the most driven, determined, goal-oriented people I know. Her ability to always see the positive in any situation, combined with her delicate, yet direct approach and impeccable people skills, are just a few of the reasons she’s been one of the most influential people in my career to date.

Personally, she’s one of the most thoughtful, caring people in my life. I turn to her for guidance and support many (many) times throughout the year. Her jovial and good-natured view of life is a tremendously inspirational one, and I strive to be more like her every single day I know her. Being in her presence truly makes you a better person. This is the most accurate sentiment I can share.

I consider myself extremely lucky to have crossed paths with Tasha. The best part about her is that she’s real. Whether work related or personal issues at hand, she genuinely cares about the people in her life. She’s taught me so much about life, but maybe most crucial, she’s taught me about the importance of family and friends. And I respect that the most about her.

Cass Zawadowski
Creative Director | Writer | Toronto, Ontario

crystalwagerStarting up a new business is a very challenging task and we all have our strengths that make parts of whatever we take on easier than others.  My background lent itself to the business side of business and whenever I tried to tackle anything that dealt with marketing or creativity I was completely stuck and spinning.

After my first meeting with Tasha I knew she was the one to take my business to the next level visually and in a very creative manner.
Working with Tasha is one of the best experiences I’ve had.  I’m a very fact oriented and get the job done type person, which working through the creative aspects would usually be tough.  I have never felt more confident in a choice of partner.

Every single creative idea Tasha brought to the table has been a perfect representation of my vision, making it hard to choose our final path for The Nook.  On top of the amazing creative work, Tasha has always come to our sessions prepared beyond my expectations.

I would absolutely recommend Tasha for so many reasons.  The main three are 1. she’s a creative powerhouse, 2. her ability to take in and understand your vision is astonishing, 3. her capability of meshing perfectly as a creative but also a business woman is something you look for and rarely find.

I have recommended her to friends already and will continue to do so without hesitation.

Crystal Wager
Entrepreneur | The Nook Play | Georgetown, Ontario
The Nook Play



Working with Natasha was a full circle experience. She provided me with insight and ideas I had never thought about.  During her reading I was given clarification as to where I have been and where I am going.  I truly believe that the universe brought us together and that the Angels sent me a very clear message.  Natasha is definitely blessed with a  very special gift!!

Jenee Zammit | Teacher | Mississauga, Ontario


Natasha has a presence about her that is very warm and welcoming. Her bright and sunny personality makes everyone around her feel at ease and comfortable. As Natasha’s Reiki Master it has been a pleasure to teach her and to see her grow as a Reiki healer.

She has a natural ability to heal with her hands and it has only increased through the attunements that I’ve opened up for her. I’ve seen first hand how Natasha receives visual intuitive messages from her angels. Her insights have helped clients to be laser focused on how they can start to unblock that energy and make room for new and healthy positive energy flow.

It is always a pleasure to connect with Natasha and to continue to teach and help her grow as she begins her own Reiki healing practice.

Susan McDonald | Reiki Master | Oakville, Ontario

MelissaD'UrsaAngel Reading with Natasha was unexpected but surpassed all my expectations. She has a genuine gift and is very in-tune with her spirit guides. From the moment I met Natasha, I could feel her calming, soothing energy. She reached out to me saying that she felt compelled to come talk to me. During our conversation, she told me that for some reason she kept seeing palm trees around me. I don’t travel much, but immediately I knew why. I have a picture frame from my first trip to Mexico with palm trees on it. When I showed my parents the pictures from my trip, my (step)mother asked for that one as it was her favourite. It sat prominently on their mantle for years. This past May, my mother lost her battle with cancer and I am positive this was sign from her. We continued to chat for a while, and the conversation was so moving.  For the first time in my life, I found someone who understood life the way I do.  It inspired me to be and live who and what I am. Thank you! xox

Melissa D’Urso | Account Executive  | Mississauga, Ontario



I went to see Natasha to receive Angel Guidance and Healing. Not too long ago I relocated for work and was recently laid off. Since losing my job I have completely felt lost within my career and really needed to know if I was even in the right career. With Angel Guidance I was reassured I am on the right path in life. With Natasha’s Healing powers I was enlightened, felt lighter and empowered again. Natasha has wonderful energy and light with an amazing gift that I would recommend to anyone who needs guidance or soulful healing.

Lily Varga | UI/UX Designer  | Hamilton, Ontario



I met Tasha while we were taking our Reiki level I in 2015. Tasha is someome whom you met once in a lifetime. She has this amazing gift that can only be explained when you meet or talk to her. Tasha has a special and unique gift that you can only be born with. She has this ability to see your aura and help guide you. I would recommemd Tasha to anyone who is looking for an amazimg healing experience.

Kat Couture |  Milton, Ontario

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