Gemstone Meanings

Amethyst: A stone of protection and purification, wearing Amethyst gives the wearer stability, strength, inspiration and a true self.

Amazonite: Promotes truth, honor, communication, integrity, hope, and trust. It can also enhance
intuition, psychic powers, creativity, intellect, and psychic ability.

Aquamarine: Is a stone of courage. Its calming energies reduce stress and quiet the mind. Helps to counteract the forces of darkness and brings forth the spirits of the light. Known to clear blocked communication and promotes self-awareness.

Aventurine: It is a gentle stone that energetically gives a sense of calm and balance and enhances happiness. A great stone to see different perspectives in all situations, giving a positive outlook, promotes courage and inner strength.

Black Onyx: Promotes strength and courage. Can help to protect and transmute negative energy. Because it is a grounding stone it will help you to stay connected and present within your body and with your present.

Black Lava: Helps you to connect deeply with the earth keeping you grounded and connected with your innate being while opening up your root chakra.

Blue Aventurine: Is a stone of the heart as well as the throat chakra. Helping to energetically give a sense of calm and balance to enhance happiness through ones authentic self. Is can also help one to see multiple perspectives in trying situations by helping to guide them with a positive outlook, with courage and inner strength.

Carnelian: Activates the Sacral Chakra (your 2nd Chakra) which is associated with a connection to other people, creativity, energy, and confidence. Carnelian is a stone that boosts self-esteem and personal power. It helps to dispel fear by transmuting it into compassion and courage.

Crystal Quartz: Known as the master healer, it increases spiritual wisdom, insight and clarity of thought and is useful to heal emotional wounds.

Chrysocolla: Teaches the art of communication and projects a loving heart to others. Enables the truth to be heard and expressed. Transmutes negative energy and draws out stress. Ignites compassion and ones higher self.

Citrine: Attracts abundance and prosperity, and success. It increases creativity and imagination. Attracts passion, joy, and happiness and helps to shield you from negative energy.

Dragon Vein Agate: Helps to improve creativity, strength, energy and truth. Encourages truthfulness in oneself and in a matter.

Garnet: As a root chakra stone, garnet is excellent for manifestation. It is used to ground one’s dreams into reality, bringing abundance, prosperity, and realization of those dreams.

Golden Obsidian: Known to be a protection stone and aids the help of removing negative energy. A great stone to help with manifestation in bringing ones desires to life by being a catalyst in cutting any energetic cords that are holding your back.

Hematite: Helps to balance all chakras and stabilizes your nervous system, helping to keep you calm and grounded.

Jasper: Known to help promote determination to all pursuits. It helps you to have the courage to deal with problems assertively and encourages honesty within yourself.

Labradorite: Helps to raise your consciousness and connection with universal energies while protecting you from negative energy.

Lapis Lazuli: Helps to release stress, promotes harmony and a deeper acceptance of ones self. It is also a great protection stone to repel and transmute negative energy. Using this stone will help you to open up your throat chakra and third eye so that you can release and communicate what no longer serves you and bring you a deep inner peace of clarity.

Leopard skin Jasper: Promotes stability and balance and strengthens your root chakra.

Mahogany Obsidian: Has a gentler energy than black obsidian resonating with the earth it browns and protects your strength in times of need vitalizes purpose eliminates energy blockages and stimulates growth on all levels. It is a stabilizing stone that strengthens a week aura and restores the correct spine to the sacral and solar plexus chakra us born on the body mahogany obsidian relieves pain and improve circulation.

Mookaite: Helps change how you see the world around you, allowing you to move forward while staying grounded A protective and calming crystal, it boosts creativity and self-esteem, assisting the flow of new ideas and making it easier to make decisions.

Moss Agate: Is a stone of new beginnings. It helps to develop strength and activates your heart chakra to ignite your passion and love for your desires.

Obsidian: Is a truth-enhancing stone that helps you to see flaws, weaknesses and blockages within yourself.

Picture Jasper: Known to promote determination to all pursuits. It helps you to have the courage to deal with problems assertively and encourages honesty and integrity within yourself.

Pink Carnelian: Is known to improve the parent-child relationship by restoring trust and love.

Red Coral: Activates your Root Chakra (1st) and helps to calm tempers and compulsive disorders to help bring your back to your spiritual self. It is also known to help provide self-awareness and prevent depression.

Rhodonite: Is an emotional balancer that nurtures love and encourages the togetherness of humanity. It grounds energy, balances yin-yang, and aids in achieving ones highest potential.

Rosewood: Awakens the feminine energy. Enhances overall intuition, healthy and beauty. Used with Rose Quartz it will help you to nourish your heart and raise your consciousness.

Rose Quartz: Opens the heart, it reawakens the trust, hope and spirituality of love. It is beneficial to the circulatory system aiding in relieving anxiety, tension and stress. Rose Quartz is considered the Love stone. Love for oneself, one’s partner, children, family, friends, community, earth, universe and the divine.

Rudraksha Seed: The qualities of these special seeds are said to settle the mind, increase mental clarity, memory and general awareness, reduce stress and depression, free negative thoughts and calm the central nervous system.

Sodalite: This stone is known to bring harmony, trust and connection with others. It will also help your to speak your truth. Release all the right words to set yourself free. Open up your throat chakra and embrace your higher self.

Sandalwood: Promotes clarity, helps to relax one’s mind to find inner peace. Activates your heart chakra to keep you centered.

Smoky Quartz: A grounding and protection stone to help one be present within the moment and to transmute psychic attacks and negative energy.

Tiger Eye:  Is a stone of protection and grounding.  It enhances integrity, willpower, and self-confidence. It will help to activate your lower base chakra’s to reveal your innate being and all your desires. It will help to give you the strength you need to move past this difficult time.

White Jade: Known as the master healer, it increases spiritual wisdom, insight, and clarity of thought and is useful to heal emotional wounds.Will help to let go of ego and fear based energies to promote and give pure love and light to others and oneself.

White Howlite: Stills the mind and helps you to connect with your higher-self opening up your crown chakra. Aids emotional expression and calm communication, reduces stress, selfishness, and anger. Perfect for us moms looking to connect with a higher power.

Yellow Jade: Boosts confidence and courage. Brings emotional balance and grounding. It helps to remove negative energy and encourages dreams, goals, and ideals in life. Yellow jade helps to
provide a connection with the wisdom of ancient civilizations and offers shamanic access to spirit.


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