Q: What is Reiki?

A: Reiki is a natural and powerful, yet safe and gentle, hands-on healing art that restores a person’s life, freedom, balance, and well-being in a much fuller way than ever experienced before. It is a Japanese term that means “Universal Life Energy” and is the pure, positive, creative energy that is around and within all living things. It accelerates the normal healing process because it addresses all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – thereby allowing the opportunity to fully heal any situation by getting to its’ origin preventing future occurrence of a chronic situation.

Q: Where does Reiki come from?

A: The system of Reiki was born out of the experience and dedication of Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese Christian educator. In the mid-1800’s, responding to a challenge from his university students, he undertook an extensive study of the healing phenomena of history’s greatest spiritual teachers. Through travel, study, research, and meditation, he evolved a healing system based on ancient Buddhist teachings first recorded in Sanskrit. He spent the rest of his life practicing and teaching this method of natural healing which involves attunement to the Universal Life Energy and the laying on of hands.

Q: How does Reiki work?

A: The Reiki practitioner uses specific hand positions on certain areas of the body in which the channeled energy is drawn through the practitioners’ hands and into the person’s body in the quantities and areas it is needed. The amount of energy exchange depends on how much blocked energy the person is able and willing to release at that particular time, therefore, preventing one from receiving too much.

Most people experience a deep sense of calmness and relaxation, safety and support, comfort, warmth, stress relief, pain and worries, a feeling of being nurtured and unconditional acceptance, while also receiving in-depth physical healing, emotional healing, mental healing and spiritual healingFAQ_quote

Q: Why do I need Reiki?

A: Reiki gives us what we need for our life to be balanced. Therefore, what has been lacking begins to come into our life and what has been in excess begins to dissipate. Each of us have the ability to heal ourselves and the practitioner assists the client without direction or control to reconnect each person with this healing energy to attain inner freedom and happiness. Each person has his/her own history and process and so experiences Reiki in a uniquely individual manner with each treatment.

Q: What does it feel like?

A: The touch of Reiki can feel warm or cool, depending on the flow of the energies. Some experience the energy flow as an electrical or tingling feeling. Some may feel the energy touch them so intensely that it feels like a hand is placed on them, even when the practitioner is not touching them. Others may experience only colors or light. Still, others may only have a sense of great relaxation or deep meditation or dreaming.

Q: How often should I receive Reiki?

A: With regular Reiki treatments, this energy is able to work towards deeper levels creating the changes a person is looking for in order to have an ongoing sense of good health and inner harmony in one’s daily life.

Q: Can Reiki replace medical treatment?

A: Reiki enhances rather than interferes with medical procedures such as surgery, psychotherapy or medication and is widely recommended for stress, allergies, asthma, ulcers, back pain, migraine headaches, disease prevention, phobias, abuse, and trauma.

All of the disease in our life is simply energy we have held onto in a negative way. Reiki provides the opportunity for the body to release the trapped energy and replace it with pure, positive energy. This Natural Healing technique is a wonderful gift we can give ourselves and comes into our lives at a time when we are ready for healing.

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