Tassion is a Canadian-based yoga-inspired lifestyle brand offering quality, handcrafted, high vibrational Malas and other products and services designed to help raise one’s vibration as part of their spiritual and healing journey.

Natasha believes that there is real magic in creating something handmade. Which is why every Tassion Mala created carries the vibration of Reiki energy, the sun, the moonlight, 100% pure essential oils and an imprint of Natasha’s artistic soul.


Our Mantra

Lead with intention > Change your mindset > Raise your vibration.

Believe in the power of the mind and believe that the right mindset is crucial to staying positive. Visualize your stress and worries leaving your body and focus on the inner strength you do have and aim to magnify it. Believe that this is vital and it will HELP you to RAISE YOUR VIBRATION.

natasha-romanelli-about-me-malasAbout the Founder, Natasha Romanelli 

Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, at a young age, Natasha always had a passion and a flare to be creative, especially when it came to pulling an outfit together. She recalls picking out and art directing her outfits by the age of two and always scouring her Nana’s wardrobe for shoes, purses, and anything that looked sparkly. Natasha’s Nana and mother allowed her to embrace her creative side, for they both saw how much it lit up her soul and how happy others felt from her loving and spirited personality. Since then she has been setting off a chain-of-happy-reactions wherever she shines her creative light. It’s become her strength, her superpower and her way of inspiring others around her.

After completing her diploma with honours, in Advertising and Graphic Design at Humber College, Natasha knew she had to follow her passion for design and art direction and became a globally recognized and awarded Art Director.

When hard times hit, in 2003, Natasha needed an outlet to release her fear, anxiety, and stress that her job was giving her. She joined a gym down the street from where she worked and took a yoga class and fell in love instantly. Fast forward 14-years later, she’s still doing yoga, she’s fully adapted the yogi lifestyle and hasn’t looked back. Yoga has guided Natasha home into her own body every time she hits the mat. It’s helped her become more honest with herself by discovering her true voice and loving herself fully – in mind, body, and spirit.

Rebelo-boys-tassion-about-pageIn 2009, Natasha and her loving husband Art, had their first born son, Logan. And then in 2011, they had their second son, Grayson. It was when she had her boys that she discovered her light was starting to grow brighter, more brilliant from within on a profound spiritual level.

It was the early years of their childhood which these little beings had inspired her with the most radical idea, she knew and felt that she had to start her own business. She had to spread her light, gifts, and talents and share them with others, and to show her boys that if you’re passionate about something, then follow your dreams, because magic will happen.

Nearly, eight years later, Natasha established her brand Tassion Inc. with a vision of creating a passionate, spiritual and soulful lifestyle. Although it wasn’t easy for her. It wasn’t like she woke up one day and knew what she was going to be doing. No. Quite the opposite, actually. With so many ideas she couldn’t pick just one. She studied the healing arts of Reiki and became a Reiki Master, a certified Angel Communicator, Certified Crystal Healer, and she quit her full-time, high-paying, corporate job to help entrepreneurial women grow their own brands (check out her branding work here) somethings stuck and some didn’t but somehow serendipitously she managed to bring three of her favourite passions to life.

Her love of design, beauty and finding inner peace.

In 2015, she combined these passions, talents and her name and she introduced the world to TASSION. Where now she makes quality, handcrafted, High Vibrational Malas; A powerful and spiritual tool for meditation to help Raise one’s Vibration as part of their spiritual and healing journey so that they too can share their light with the world.

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