Self-care: A Love Letter To Spring

Ah, Spring. Warmer weather. Longer days. Birds, blossoms, and green grass are upon us. I don’t know about you but I already feel reinvigorated and inspired with the change of season on its way in. So why not maintain that momentum to really get our energy back on track? Spring is the perfect opportunity to get ourselves centered and refreshed – both from the inside and out.

Get outside. There’s a reason this time of year is called spring. The signs of the season: budding trees, sprouting blooms, the first early morning bird chorus – these things can quickly pass us by if we’re not paying attention. Why not take this opportunity to get mindful? Take a walk in the park. Go for a hike. Get out and really observe everything around you to see how many signs of spring you can pick up on.

Set some intentions. Are there things you put off doing or getting started over the cold winter months? Maybe you had some New Years goals that need a refresh – perhaps you can revisit them and see how to make them a little easier to achieve? Are there any group events you’ve been meaning to check out or a new community in your city that you’d like to join? Set some intentions about what you’d like to surround yourself with to get you moving in the right direction.

Personalize your spring cleanse. Use this as a chance to try something you’ve been thinking about. Maybe you want to do only vegan for a week or incorporate more fruits in your diet? Maybe less processed food? How about a personal product detox? Use your intuition to tap into what you can do differently to show your body some love.

Clean your windows. Seriously. You’d be surprised what a difference it can make to your outlook on the day when you can see through squeaky-clean windows. When the days are brighter, you can see every bit of dust and dirt. Grab a spray bottle and combine water, vinegar and liquid dish soap. Use a cloth or sponge to wipe it on and a squeegee to remove the excess liquid.

Declutter. Use this as the perfect excuse to donate the clothes or accessories you haven’t worn in months. Clean out your kitchen cabinets and compost any expired food items that have been collecting dust. Share some books with friends that read the same kind of things you do. A clear space will often help you clear your mind and energy too. Speaking of clearing your space…

Smudge your home. Think of smudging your home, office, and even your body as taking an energetic shower. Smudging will change and shift the surrounding air to clear any negativity. You can burn sage, incense or Palo Santo. If you prefer to not burn anything, you can also use a water-based smudge spray as a smokeless alternative.

Creating a spring ritual is as easy as picking the things that feel right for you and doing what you know will get your body, spirit, and mind on track.

Mad love until next time.


Corinne K. is a writer and poet in Toronto. Fascinated by what makes people tick, she explores how people, places, and experiences intersect to add dimension and inspiration to our lives. She’s also a Reiki Master Teacher who embraces how energy influences our relationships with others and ourselves. You can learn more about her at

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