How I gave up mani’s and hired a house cleaner instead

I used to think that having a beauitully manicured hand was a sign of having my shit together – or at the very least percieved to others that I had my shit together. What was I thinking?

I started to do the math (which really does make my head hurt), tallied up my monthy costs to get my nails (and toes) done. Now, I couldn’t just get a regular mani and pedi, no, it had to be shallac – especially on my fingernails. It was the only way the polish would stay on becuase I consantly work with my hands. Regular polish would just chip away in a day or two. Not to mention I have this habit of picking off the polish once it starts peeling. That’s why shallac worked so good for me. I felt like I got my money’s worth.

After doing the math I realized I was spending $160 plus tips a month. That’s a lot of money to be spending just to show the world that ‘this mom’ has her shit together, when in reality, far from it (hence why I do yoga and meditate often). Isn’t that why yogi’s practice yoga, cause we cra cra?

Which perfectly sagways me into my next thought. House cleaning! Who loves it? Hates it? and wishes it never exsisting? I do, I do, I do. Ok, I don’t despise it, in fact it can be very theraputic. There’s nothing better then reaping the fruits of your labour by sitting down, putting your feet up and knowing the house is clean, the dishes are put away and the laundry is done. Am I right? Soooooo, rewarding. If you have the time to do it more than once a month and not only when your guests are coming over.

Here’s the challenge, at least for me, we can clean our house (or tidy) 6 to 10 times in a day and by the time our head hits the pillow (our as in hubby and I), the house will STILL look like a tornado went through it. Now, if you don’t know me and you’re reading my blog for the very first time, I’m a mom. I have 2 very important young men in my life (one turning 9 who thinks he’s 15 and the other turning 7 this year), a rembuncious fur baby who’s just a year old, two snakes, a fish and a lizard, oh yes, and a husband – he counts right?

Cleaning will always be a life’s chore, period, but I started thinking. With all the money I am spending a month on my mani and pedi’s I wondered if I could use that money and put it towards something else that would give me back my time, which I have very little of already, so I can spend it more wisely. Like on my family and my growing little side hustle making OMazing jewellery.

With an extra $180 (including tip money) a month I set out on a quest to find a house cleaner. Now, not knowing anyone or any idea of how much it cost, I called Molly Maid. Yes, that’s right, the most commercialized cleaning company I could find. I called my local areas branch and left a message. After 2 weeks of them not returning my call I started to get really pissed off. A company that has been around for as long as I can remember should at least have the right processes and customer serivces down pat. Ya know… epic fail. Screw them I thought and jumped onto Facebook to inquire in local cleaners.

I found a real nice lady, she was super resposnive and excited to help. She came out right away, the only thing was, I had only $180 a month to spend and our prices were too far apart that I couldn’t make it work. I started to get discouraged and held off for a while in looking. Still not getting my mani or pedi in the process.

Then it happened, the Universe answered back.

It was a late summer night, and my family and I decided to head north up to my parents cottage for the weekend. When we got there, it was one of the neighbours birthdays. A huge bombfire lit up the night’s sky, it was so inviting that after we unloaded the car we decided to make our way over to enjoy the festivities. I shared my fustration with my mom on how hard it was to find a decent and affortable cleaner, when another neighbour overheard and said to me “I clean homes”.

Now, I’ve known this woman for a few years now, as I see her quite often during the summer months up at the cottage, and I had no idea that she did this. She’s retired and when I do see her, she’s relaxing and enjoying our Canadian summers. So I never bothered to ask her and I never assumed.

I was so excited that she spoke up and told me this because one, I know her and two, she lives in the next town beside me. Uh, how perfect is that? Coincidence? I think not. I totally manifested this shit! We exchanged numbers and promised to connect during the week. When we hooked up and she shared her rate with me, my mouth almost hit the ground and I was slight jumping up and down on the inside, like a little kid, without her knowing of course. Can you guess what her rate was? Yes, it was exactly the amount I had traded in my mani and pedi’s for a cleaner.

Guys, you can’t make this shit up. What you belive is what you recieve. I say it all the time. Manifest, manifest, manifest. Trust me, if there’s a will, there’s a way. In this case, I put it out there for the Universe… this is what I have and this is what I can give. Universe said, ok, and presented me a beautiful and OMazing woman that still to this day helps my family out tremendously and not mention, gives this momma back 12 hours of her life a month – win win.

And so what if my nails look like crap… I’m a hard working mom and I’m proud of it.

The moral of this post is simply to share with you that you too can have whatever it is you desire. Time, money, family, peace, happiness… it doesn’t have to tangible things it can be emotional things too. All you have to ask yourself is ‘what am I willing to let go of, to make room for what I truly need?’

xx tash


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