The inspiration, the creative and soulful process, behind the TASSION malas.

As a child, I’ve always had a passion and a flare to be creative. It lit up my soul and made me very happy and in return made others happy as well. It’s my strength and my way of sharing my light with the world.

When I was 2, I was either putting together the latest fashion outfit that my grandmother, my mom’s mom, gave me or whatever clothes I could find in her closet. My grandmother loved all things fashion and so did I because of her. She was a very special woman that I will always hold close to my heart.

If I wasn’t dressing up, I was colouring in my colouring book. When I was 5 years old, I used to live with my grandparents, my father’s parents, and I remember when my grandfather used to watch my brother and me, I would always bring my colouring book with me. My grandfather loved that I liked to colour and he always encouraged me to stay in the lines. Whenever I went out of the lines he would say to me, “No. Try again” with his firm Italian presence, a bit intimating if you ask me. I tried so hard because I wanted to prove to him that I could stay in the lines and create a beautiful picture, plus if I do so he might just love me that much more.


Fast forward 30 years later, colouring eventually lead to a passion for art.

And fashion lead to a passion for all things beautiful and graceful.

Rather they knew it at the time, they inspired me, and I grew up to become a successful Art Directer and Graphic Designer.

I share this with you because I feel these memories have really crafted the person I am today and the very reason I’ve found myself making “High Vibrational Mala’s”.

I have finally found my ‘thang’. I have found something that makes my heart sing. My passion explodes and the best part is I do this not only for satisfying my soul, I do this so that I can help others raise their vibration by releasing what no longer serves them so that they can manifest their greatest desires too. Which has always been my goal since starting my blog and my own business.


Making Mala’s has been the most soul serving thing I could have ever done and here’s why. 

I have brought all my passions and expertise into making them high vibrational for any lifestyle.

I use genuine crystals or gemstones from vendors in Oakville and in Toronto. Being Canadian, I try to keep it local and support my community.

Not sure how much you know about crystals and mala’s, but here’s a quick rundown.

Crystals and gemstones have been used for centuries. Just like the ancient Egyptians, they used these gems to help bring them luck, good fortune, strength, power, protection and so much more. Today, we use them in the same capacity. They can heal your (mind, body, and spirit).

Now a mala (in a nutshell) are prayer/ meditation beads that you use each bead to say your mantra/affirmation. As a reiki healer, I cleanse the stones and program them for your intention and provide you with an affirmation that you can use with each bead.


I take my creative and soulful process very seriously. 

What makes them high vibrational is the reiki energy that is instilled within the stones, I cleanse them by reiking them and by bathing them in essential oil for 24 hrs. While they take their bath I leave them under the sun and moonlight to help remove any energy that shouldn’t be lingering around. Then when I make them for my customer I program them with their intention and affirmation. Yes, these gems can be programmed. This process is what makes them project a high frequency of energy to the universe.

And as the laws of attraction teach us, what you put out you receive. This goes for good and bad, unfortunately. That’s why keeping a positive mindset is key and these mala’s help you do that.

I use all sorts of gems and crystals, but I do have my favourites, the more and more I work with them I always discover something I didn’t know before. Sometimes, my body and hands just buzz as I make the mala. It can be very intense at times.

How this works for my customers is that I ask them what their intention is. How one does that is by focusing on what they need to work on, or what is bothering them. As a healer, I can always help them with this by intuitively focusing on their chakras to see where their blockages are – it’s a free service that I offer for my customers. For me, working with chakra’s are key indicators or giveaways on which crystal or gem is needed for their mala.

Here’s a quick rundown on chakras. If you want to learn more, I have written a brief blog post on them here.

Chakra’s are pools of energy that flow throughout your spiritual body.

There are 7 major chakra’s that I work with.

  1. Root chakra – Red – Grounding
  2. Sacral – Orange – Desires
  3. Solar Plexus – Yellow – Confidence
  4. Heart – Green/Pink – Love
  5. Throat – Blue – Truth/Authentic self
  6. Third Eye – Indigo – Intuition
  7. Crown – Higher Consciousness

Then there are your ear chakras, these guys go hand in hand with your throat chakra – as it directly relates to communication through sound.

Defining a mala necklace.

intuition-tassion-108-mala-necklace a-mended-heart-tassion-mala-bracelet courage-tassion-mala-bracelet wisdom-solar-plexus-tassion-108-mala-necklace

Each necklace has 108 beads. If you follow numerology or have an idea of what it is, the 1 stands for unity – oneness with the universe, 0 stands for infinite, and 8 stands for karma (what goes around comes around). All heavily connecting to the purpose of the mala – to help bring your desires to life by reaching a high state of consciousness and raising your vibration.

Between each bead is a knot. The knot represents your stream of thoughts are connected from one bead to the other. They’re also there so that if your necklace does break, the beads won’t go flying all over the place. Trust me, I’ve been there and done that a few times. It’s not fun trying to find them – if you can find them.

The tassel has a purpose too. It’s the piece that connects all the beads together in the necklace (bringing in the unity/ oneness). And if you sage yourself it acts as a great way to cleanse your energy.

There is also a guru bead (the very first one closest to the tassel) and two marker beads. You start at the guru bead but don’t say your intention to it, it’s there so that you can acknowledge the wisdom that you are about to receive and give thanks.

The marker beads help to break the mala into 3 parts. Past, present, and future. For the first half, when you say your affirmation/ mantra you focus on how you can learn to let go of the past. For the middle part (present) you focus on what you need to do presently to manifest your intention. And the last part (future) you focus on your end goal – your desire – you imagine as if it has already come to life.


My mala bracelets are made slightly different as there isn’t that many beads on a strand like a necklace, however, your actions are still the same and it still provides a high vibration to manifest your desires.

You can check out my mala’s here on my Instagram. If you like what you see, follow me, so that you’ll never miss out on what’s new. I wish I could share with you that my online store is opened, but not yet. I am aiming to launch it, come January 2017.

Currently, I am accepting orders through email, text, Instagram and Facebook messenger.

I can ship anywhere in the world.

Hopefully, if you’ve made it this far down the blog post, you’ll see that this is where my strength lies. My passion and my light. And as for someone who isn’t a strong writer, well… I sure as wrote a long post to you.

Love + light,


P.S. If you’re interested or curious to learn more about my Tassion Mala’s I would love to hear from you in the comments below. They make great personal gifts or a treasured gift for someone else. The Holiday season is fast approaching, perhaps one of my malas could be on your list.

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