An introduction to Chakra’s

Just like our physical body feels pain, discomfort, and excitement so does our energetic body.

We are a spirit, an energy, that sits within a human capsule. There are 7 major chakra’s within us that flow into one another and help or assist in the energetic healing process. Being a human means it’s evitable for us not to have blocked chakras. Why? Becuase that is life and life’s hard and challenging. Every day we pick up energies that do not serve our energetic souls, so it is important to be made aware of what we are picking up, the stories we are telling ourselves and by being more self-aware of our feelings physically, emotionally and mentally.

By understanding your chakra system within you, you can start to learn how to clear those blockages and release what no longer serves you and make room what’s to come.

To generalize what Chakra’s are, think of them as flowing pools of energy that move in a clockwise motion. Each of these pools has a coloured associated to it, this is to help you understand which one you are working with or which one needs clearing. When your chakras are blocked, imagine that these pools of energy have big rocks thrown into them. This makes it harder for the energy to flow naturally and it now has to work harder to push around the big rocks ie.blockages.

These big rocks (blockages) could be anything from not standing in your power, to having no self-confidence, not speaking your truth about how you feel or what you think. It could be from a break-up, lost loved one, lack of desire or sexuality and it could even be from the food and beverages you put into your body. In a nutshell, it is life. Life here on earth. Which is why it is so important to have a clear understanding what your chakras are so that you can start to be mindful of how you can clear your own blockages for a more balance and self-fulling life.



The first chakra is your Root chakra. It flows at the base of the spine and is the first chakra to ever develop when you are in your mother’s womb. The main colour for this chakra is red. It is the foundation for all of your other chakras. Think of this chakra as your base to build upon. Just like one would have when building a house. In order to set all other chakras up for success, you must clear and recharge this chakra first.

This chakra helps to keep you grounded, it assists in connecting you with mother nature and your innate being. It helps to influence our immune system and basic impulses based on our beliefs and values we were taught or handed down from our ancestors.

When this chakra is balanced one can feel alive, healthy, optimistic, happy and full of life. You feel solid and connected and safe within your body.

When you feel a lack of self-confidence, anxious, or lack of direction on where to go next in life, perhaps you have some blockages that need to be cleared away.

When there is too much focus on this chakra it could cause greediness, selfishness, wanting to overpower others, aggression and/ or can be easily irritated.


The second chakra is your sacral and it flows about two inches below your naval. This is your powerhouse for creativity, desires, and sexuality. The main colour for this chakra is Orange. When you have a fully balanced root chakra and connected to your own innate being you then fully charge your sacral by helping you to feel creative, desirable, friendly, open and accepting to achieving your goals.

When you feel like you’re being heavily influenced by negative energy, suffering from emotional distress, having sexual guilt, and consuming excessive amounts of food, sex, and drugs or alcohol, you have some blockages in this chakra.

When there is too much focus on this chakra you can become self-centered, overly ambitious, jealous or distrusting of others.


The third chakra is your solar plexus and it flows under your ribs by your stomach. This is your “I can do it” chakra. Your power source. You’re confidence, courage, and your inner strength. The main colour for this chakra is Yellow. When you have a fully balanced sacral it will feed into your solar plexus because when your desires are being met there is a sense of satisfaction you will feel that powers up your solar plexus.

When you fee like you are having a lot of frustration or anger issues it could mean that you are blocked here. It seems like everything you’re trying to do is an uphill battle. It could also mean that you are having trouble with power and authoritative figures and this could be due to your own lack of self-power.

When there is too much focus on this chakra you can become very unbalanced and driven by ego. It is very important to have this chakra balanced so that moving forward you are moving forward with good intentions in serving yourself but most importantly be of service to others.


The fourth chakra is your heart chakra and it flows in the centre of your chest near your heart. It’s the centre hub between the first three chakras and the last three chakras and it helps you to look within from a spiritual and physical aspect. The main focus here, if you haven’t guessed it, is love. Pure love. Not only does it hold unconditional love for yourself and for others but it also holds pain and sadness which is why it’s important to ensure this chakra is balanced. The main colour for this chakra is green and sometimes pink is used too.

When you have a balanced heart chakra you are able to send out unconditional love for yourself and all living things. You begin to learn to practice forgiveness and gratitude. You start to think of others and want to be of service. And in doing so you bring in abundance, success, happiness, prosperity and rebirth.

When you are feeling emotionally unstable, or you are constantly playing the victim and feeling sorry for yourself, or perhaps you are feeling very unloved that nobody likes you or that you’re just not lovable your heart chakra has blocked energy.


The fifth chakra is your throat chakra and it flows on the base of your neck. The main colour for this chakra is blue. This is the chakra that helps you to express and communicate your most authentic self. Feeding flowing energy from the four other chakras it allows you to speak what your heart is feeling, express your confidence, communicate what your desires are and your beliefs and values.

When you speak your truth you start to clear the energy in your throat chakra opening up the channel of clear and loving communications.

When there are blockages in this chakra you can start to feel some physical discomfort, with throat infections, communication problems, speech difficulties, chronic tiredness, and depression. When you are not expressing how you feel you begin to start speaking internally, negative thoughts to oneself and begin disempowering and blocking other chakras in the process.


The sixth chakra is your third eye, also known as your minds eye and it flows in-between our eyebrows on our forehead. The main colour for this chakra is indigo. Which is a mixture of blue and green. Your third eye is your internal navigational system, or what some would call it your intuition, that you’re born with. It helps you to visualize your dreams, desires, goals and outcomes in our 4D and 5D worlds.

When your third eye is wide open or activated if you will (this can be done several different ways – book a free 30 min discovery call with me here to learn more) you can start to connect with the spiritual realm and connect with your higher self. Discovering things that have yet to come.

When this chakra is balanced you start to feel in control of your life. You no longer look for others to provide you with dreams and goals or the outcome of a situation. You’re confident in the decisions that you’re making because you’re in the driver seat and you’re 6th sense or your 6th gear has fully kicked in.

When the third eye is over-active (which can happen) you can get migraines, lack of concentration, spiritual fatigue, panic attacks, and depression. When this chakra has a lack of flow you can become less assertive, frighten, or too sensitive. You also lose touch with your higher self and not listening to your own ‘gut’.


The seventh and last chakra is your crown chakra. Also known as spiritual enlightenment and connection to a higher power or higher source. This chakra flows on the top of your head or your crown and is the colour purple or white (the colour of the sacred spirits). Just like the root chakra is the foundation of physical body the crown chakra is the foundation of our spiritual source that links us to a higher power.

When this chakra is balanced one is able to let go of everything that keeps them grounded here on earth. It releases all ego, fear, and only allows us to experience pure love and pure light. We feel connected with all living things and learn to trust the information that we receive for our highest selfs and for others.

When this chakra is unbalanced, one will be guided by their ego and not by a higher power. This makes you feel unsure of the information that is coming to you and one can start to attract fear based energies and lack of self-confidence. It can also create physical discomforts such as headaches, worry, anxiety and cognitive problems.


This is a brief summary of what your chakras are. It’s important to know that each one flows into another helping you to live a fully balanced life physically and spiritually. There are several different ways in which you can charge, rebalance and clear your chakras. As a reiki healer, working on chakras is where I start as they are the core of your energy, kind of like the backbone of your body that keeps everything together and working simultaneously.

There are spiritual tools that I like to use such as crystals, mala beads, sage, incents, yoga, reiki, mantras, mudras, chanting, dancing and so much more.

If you’d like me to do an assessment of your chakras please book a FREE discovery call with me here. Over the phone or by Skype I can tell you where you have blockages and provide you with 2-3 intuitive solutions to help you clear them.

Do you feel any of these blockages Please share in the comments below.


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