How I got addicted to a healthier & holistic lifestyle – part 2

I started eating healthier and before I knew it, I was hooked. It was like I was feeding my body shots of energy and lots of happy little endorphins.  


When my mom and dad arrived home from a month long trip to Mexico, not only did they bring home themselves and presents for my boys, but they brought home with them a few extra pounds around their mid-section. Clearly, they had a great trip, which is good, but, they let food overpower them. Hey, I’m guilty of it to. Who doesn’t love food, right? Well, this dramatic change in them made me want to help them get back on the road to being healthy again. So, I signed us all (my mom, dad and my husband and I) up at Weight Watchers.

I chose Weight Watchers because when I was a kid my mom had done it before and she was very successful at it, so I figured she should be comfortable with this type of weight loss program. I joined too because, like I said before, who doesn’t love food? And I needed to shed my winter coat that I wore all season long. Plus, summer was fast approaching. I wouldn’t have been able to hide underneath all my bulky sweaters.

Weight Watchers works!

Weight Watchers was such a great experience. Highly recommend if weight loss is part of your transformational journey too. Both my husband and I started getting creative in the kitchen again; the same go-to meals had been kicked to the curb. We pulled recipe after recipe off Pinterest, trying different dish after dish. Oh, how our appreciation for good and healthy food grew. And the best part was we dropped the winter weight and then some.

Here are some of my favourite cookbooks that I swear by:

  1. Super Fresh: Super Natural, Super Vibrant Vegan Recipes by Jennifer Houston + Ruth Tal
  2. The Oh She Glows Cookbook: Vegan Recipes To Glow From The Inside Out by Angela Liddon

Or check out my Pinterest boards here and here.


Had my parents and us, continued to do what we were all doing before we joined weight watchers, we would have continued to have food control us. 

We chose change and we did grow (just not our waist line), our bodies started to heal, we experienced such amazing and satisfying dishes and the best part is we still do. We became more aware of what we put in our bodies and how the food we eat affects our mood, sleep, our system and most importantly our health.

Yes, occasionally we fall off the wagon. We’re human after all. We eat our chips and often find ourselves scouring the fridge at the wee hours of the night looking for something yummy to satisfy our tummies. How we conquer that is by not going back to our old ways – we control our food, we don’t let the food control us. Plus, stocking the fridge and cupboards with healthier options helps too. We made the time to properly cook our meals, we planned what we were going to eat. We cooked in batches so that we can have go-to meals in a jiffy on nights we didn’t feel like cooking.

But most importantly, the big thing in all of this was we had the support from each other. Just like my new friends at the yoga studio and my new mommy friends supported me in my physical and mental growth

I found holistic healing or maybe it found me. My first real spiritual awakening began with a rainbow energy healing from one of my new friends. The experience was unlike anything I’ve experienced before. I was told things that I had already knew but this time it all seemed to finally make sense to me. My pain and suffering was all for reason. They were stepping stones and a part of my life’s path. They were tools to help me “grow” to be who I am to be, which I have always been. I just wasn’t ready to step into my higher self, until now.

This spiritual awakening, lead me to finding more ways I can holistically heal my family and myself. I was shortly thereafter introduced to essential oils.

I had some knowledge of them but had no idea they had medicinal purposes. I bought a kit, which came with a diffuser and 10 different therapeutic essential oils and started to explore. And wow. I could write a whole blog post on these amazing oils alone, maybe even several posts. Used as they’re meant to be used they can seriously help your ailments or support your new healthy lifestyle. It’s been one year since using them and I can honestly say I still use them everyday. If not on me, on my husband, my boys or even on my dog.


An inside job, takes will power and dedication. What are you doing to help yourself grow from the inside? Do you eat healthy? Have you tried Essential Oils? I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

Peace + Happy Tummies,

Tasha xo

P.S. If you missed part 1 of this series you can check it out here

P.P.S. If you want to learn more about Essential Oils contact me here and I can answer any questions you may have. Also, I’ll share with you, part 3 of my transformational journey soon. Stay tuned.


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