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My family and I set off for our very first family vacation. This was the first time our boys (Logan 7 and Grayson 4) were on an airplane for a family trip. They have no idea what to expect, and I must say, the questions they had been asking us were pretty darn cute.


For example, Logan said, “Ma, are we going out of space?” I had to laugh, but truth be told it was a great question, considering he didn’t know any better. How many times have you wished you asked a question about something you didn’t understand, but didn’t, for the fear of being embarrassed, because you  thought  it would have been a silly question? I know I’m guilty of that. But for Logan, I give the guy credit. He had no fear in asking what was truly on his mind. And that is something we can all learn from.


So, as I packed for our trip there were a few very important things I brought with me, aside from sunblock and a bathing suit. It’s was my essential oils.

I have been using essential oils now for over a year. I have pretty much replaced my whole medicine cabinet with over 30 essential oils. I use them, my kids use them and I often make little concoctions for my friends as gifts. So it’s a no brainer that brought some essential oils with me.

My top 3 oils that I use and thought that would be perfect for travelling with were: Lavender, Thieves, and Peppermint. And here’s why:

Lavender is great for skin (perfect for when we got a little sun burnt or if someone gets some bumps and bruises), and helps with relaxation (let’s face it going on a vacation with kids is hardly a relaxing vacation).

Thieves is great to help boost the bodies immunity and kill any airborne bacteria (hello, we were on an airplane – pretty sure there was some airborne bugs flying around), helps to eliminate odors (perfect, since we’d be traveled in the same clothes from one airport to the next), and the best part is it helps to combat the spread of germs (being at a resort with hundreds of people and public washrooms, yikes, glad we brought this baby with us).

Peppermint is great for headaches, sunburns, stress, nausea, gas, fatigue, soreness and much more. Truly a super oil. And lets be honest, who knew what we were really eating, but I can guarantee there was some upset tummies to be had.

These oils were the perfect travelling companion. But… they don’t only hold themselves to travel. They can help you out even if you aren’t travelling. However, and I stress here, you MUST be sure that you choose a quality therapeutic essential oil. The cheap stuff, just won’t cut it, in fact, it could cause you more damage than good.

If you’re at all curious, and would like to try out one of these oils let me know, I can share with you my knowledge of the oils as well as hook you up with the goods.

Sending you lots of peace + love.
Tasha:) xo

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