How to attract the right people in your life

Motivational speaker, Jim Rohn once said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” and I happen to agree with him. 

Our friends and family, weather you believe it or not, have a huge impact on our lives. They can either lift up our spirits, bring out the best in us, and guide us and protect us from harms way.

Then there’s false relationships that are one-sided, draining and even demoralizing to your spirit, they take advantage of you and don’t have the best intentions for your overall happiness. Has this every happened to you? It happened to me once when I was trying to watch my weight, I had just gotten back from maternity leave and was still a bit conscious of my weight, so I was watching what I was eating. However, one day a supplier brought in a bunch of goodies for us to eat. I didn’t want to eat them but I was getting pressured from a fellow colleague to eat up. Her excuse was, “oh it’s just one, it’s not going to hurt you”. While she was convincing, I knew better and chose not to dig in. Now, she was a colleague and not a close friend, but because I did spend a lot of my time with her she automatically became one of my 5.

a0fc928cc869c7b7abcd011eac783846Just like that one person did to me (even though it wasn’t a matter of life and death), they can really sabotage your goals and ultimately true purpose in this world. That was just a small example but the people you hang out with the most can really influence your decision making. Good or bad.

My 5 people have changed over and over again and for good reason, our lives are constantly changing. We go through many different life cycles/ milestones such as college, first job, marriage, family, retirement, etc, which is why it’s super important to surround yourself with the right people to help you grow and become the best that you can be in the pursuit of your true purpose in this life time.

Which is why, I’ve created a guided meditation for you. I use this meditation every time that I feel my life is changing and I need clarity on who I should be surrounding myself with, so that I can put my best foot forward in reaching my overall goals (big or small). The 5 people that you choose is totally up to you and you can choose different people for different needs. For example,

If you’re feeling like you need laughter in your life, who are the 5 people that will make you laugh?

If you’re feeling depressed and need to feel love and support, who are the 5 people that will help you feel that way?

If you’ve got a great business idea and need help to bring it to life, who are the 5 people that will help you succeed?

If you’re feeling isolated at work, who are the 5 people at the office that can make you feel accepted?

The list can go on and on. It’s all dependant on you and what you’re going through.

This short visual guided meditation can help you to discover and unlock your 5. It’s a simple technique that you can eventually remember and start to do on your own, however, feel free to use it as much as you need to. Personally, I like to do this meditation in the shower as it helps to enhance my senses and allows me to visually see, in my minds eye, and feel the loving and healing light all around me.

Give it a shot and start creating your kickass team of 5.

Let me know what you think of it in the comments below. I want to continue to provide you with the content that is relevant and needed for you and I would love to hear your thoughts.

Hope this serves you well.

With gratitude,
Tasha xo

Featured image by: Ian Schneider via Unsplash

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