How to find inner peace in 5 seconds

Practicing patience is one of my biggest challenges in life.

Ever since I was younger my little brother used to always test my patience. He knew exactly how to push my buttons and get me going. I’m sure we all have someone like that in our lives. However, looking back I realize that, yes he was testing me, but also that he was teaching me. Now that I am a mom of two beautiful and loving boys, they tend to test my patiences as well and it can be really hard to keep my composure. So when I feel like I can’t control a situation or I’m about to freak out I pull out my secret weapon; my mantra and a mudra.

In this video below, I share with you a simple mantra and mudra that I have been using and practicing to help me find inner peace within 5 seconds. A mantra is the sanskrit word for a phrase that is used repeatively during a meditation. A mudra is a hand gesture that you do while doing your meditation. It is also known as, yoga for the hands. Holding your fingers in certain positions increase the overall energy vibration which means your intentions/ mantras frequency is increased making your practice overall more impactful.

This mantra and mudra helps me to be instantly conscious of my behaviour and actions and changes it quickly to a more positive outcome. It helps me to let go and just really be the best of me during, what would normally be a hard time, to a more pleasant and relaxing one. I learned this technique from my spiritual coach, Gabby Bernstein. She is someone that I look up to and admire and go to for personal spiritual growth.

Hope this video helps you as much as this mantra and mudra has helped me in finding inner peace quickly.

Tasha xo

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