When I showed up for my four day Level 1 Reiki class I knew I would receive four attunements at the end of each day. My Reiki Master had explained to me that an attunement is like a sacred ceremony where she passes on the ability to channel Reiki energy to her students.

My overall experience with each of my attunements was absolutely mind blowing. Each day I didn’t know what I was going to feel, think or see. Truthfully, there was even a time I was afraid to get attuned because my mind, body and spirit were emotionally all over the place and I wasn’t sure I was ready for more.

Here is my Reiki journey of when I received my four attunements and the amazing experiences I saw through my minds eye, of healing colours, symbols, spirit guides, my higher-self, past loved ones, total shifts of consciousness and awakening the gift to heal all living things through channeling the Universal Life Energy.


Colours of blue, the reflection of water flowing from right to left in my minds eye. It feels so peaceful and calming to watch. I see a portal tucked within the water, I have a hard time making out what’s through it. I focus in, and with my mind I take my hands and start to open the portal up, pushing the sides of it apart, stretching the hole just enough to see what’s inside. A boat. But not just any boat. It’s the family boat we had as kids. It’s idled in the middle of the lake and on the boat is my dad and myself. We aren’t doing much, my dad is in the driver’s seat and I am with my brightly coloured orange life jacket, leaning over the edge of the boat to look down at the water. Then the reflection of water, flowing right to left, came back as streams of flowing blue energy.


In my minds eye I am shown The Golden Gate Bridge surrounded by water and the city that surrounds it. Like in a dream the scene cuts and I am now watching a new world unfold in front of my eyes. I see a beautiful woman, sitting, with her posture upright, her eyesight directed ahead and beyond. Her surroundings are skewed as a cloud of sand is blowing around her. As the sand cloud settles I see that there are workers all around her and that this woman is sitting on a camel travelling through the desert. I see beyond where she is traveling to and there are many sand hills ahead that she will need to pass. My minds eye connects back to her and it is revealed to me that this woman I see, is I, as my higher self, an Egyptian Goddess.

From riding on a camel in Egypt the scene is morphed into me riding along on a horse, beside my Spirit Guide, Huck-Moon-Shoon (not sure if spelt correctly a Chief Leader of his Tribe. We are now in the Western hemisphere, in an open field surrounded by nature’s beauty. Huck is guiding me to follow him. He takes me to his village and introduces me to his wife. As I meet his wife I am than taken back to my higher self.

This Egyptian Goddess presents herself to me again but this time through her eyes. Her eyes are a beautiful shade of green and brown. As she looks out into the world ahead of her, my spirit is guided to travel through her eyes and into her soul. Just like an active volcano, I see the inside of this being. The pit below bubbles into shapes of human bodies, these bodies have no faces, nor gender, they just keep bubbling up and then fold back into the lava.

I see from the inside that the top of her head, her crown chakra, opens up and a beam of light travels through the inside of her body, covering every inch of her soul just like if a volcano would explode and run down the sides of it. But in this case is it pure light, like melted gold.

I then become her and it is I that now looks out into the open world. I see her but not her physical form, but her spirit. Telepathically, I ask her what her name is. She presents herself to me as Tiara. I open my hands and I ask her to give me the gift to heal. With both hands, she touches each one of my hands at a time. She closes them together like in prayer, makes a blessing and then opens up my hands, like a book. She tells me this, “I give you my wisdom and knowledge to heal others, and your hands now have the gift to do so.”

My heart is filled with gratitude, peace and love. I thank her and so it is done.


Spotted colours of Purple and blue presented themselves in my minds eye. I feel a great sense of inner peace and calmness. A pinch is felt on my left middle finger. It hurt. But then I knew in a second that it was my Nana, Mary, presenting herself to me. Her spirit came into my minds eye and I couldn’t help but start laughing hysterically, really hard, as I was so happy to connect with her.

I started to immediately cry, hysterically, to the point of sobbing. My Nana spoke to me and told me that I never grieved her death, as I was too busy being strong for my mom, her daughter. She told me that it’s ok to be sad and not to hold it in. And it was at that point, when I started crying. I felt like I was mourning her death all over again, my heart was bursting with so much grief.

nanaYoungerMeandnanaI asked her if she was proud of me and she told me she was and that I need to talk about her more often, include her as apart of my journey, my story of who I am. At that moment I got a vision of me as a little girl trying on her shoes, her hot pink feather boa, purses and fun, dazzling dresses from the 70’s. I then immediately knew how I needed to include her in my story, I’d tell the people that I got my fashion sense from her. This made me happy and I started to laugh again and she sent me the Mother Mary and baby Jesus. I felt their unconditional love a truth that was so pure and peaceful.


From here I knew my time with her was short and I started to get sad again, tears streamed down my face, down my neck and right down to my heart. I missed her. I love her and know that she will forever live on in my heart, in my mind and in my fashion choices.


With all of my past attunement experiences I had no idea of what to expect on day four, our last attunement. As I sat there receiving the Universal Life Energy I felt an overwhelmingly sense of pure bliss. Every inch of my mind, body and soul was filled with gratitude to those who helped me get to where I am in my life right now, and pure love for myself for doing the things that makes my soul sing. My physical body felt tingly all over and light and lifted as if I was in a completely different dimension in this world. It was beautiful. It was pure bliss.


I was able to start the healing in my Heart Chakra by getting to my underlying issues that needed to be solved by accepting what my intuition was telling me through my Third Eye Chakra. Now I will be able to open up my Throat Chakra by learning to speak my truth as it will help me to find peace with my childhood and to share my life’s story with my Nana being a huge inspiration? of who I am today.

I was able to open up my Crown Chakra and be one with my Higher Self to give the gift of healing to others. I know there will be challenges ahead on this new path but the outcome will be well worth my while. By being persistent, staying connected with family and loved ones, and staying true to who I am, I will be able to get through the good and hard times.

Through Reiki, I was able to feel pure bliss, an undeniable love and energy from within that I can now share with all living things in this world.

Since receiving my Level 1 certification and attunements I have been doing Reiki on family, friends and myself all of which have had their own unique experiences with it. The most gratifying outcome of it all is that our household energy has become more calm and peaceful by changing our perspectives of our own reality.

Tasha xo

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